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Sentence Administration, Offender Records and Registries


The Sentence Administration, Offender Records and Registries Unit insures that all offenders remanded to the custody of the Department of Corrections are confined or supervised according to the order of the sentencing court. This unit serves as a centralized source of offender information for staff, the public, and for numerous state and federal agencies by using active and closed records dating prior to statehood. Responsible for monitoring the time calculation records of inmates assigned to private prisons, maintains the statewide sex and violent crime registries, and directs the statewide quality assurance and audit processes for time calculation, classification and case-management. The administrator is the departmental authority in matters of time credits, sentence interpretation, calculation of offender release dates, and is responsible for clarifying and developing policy and procedure related to sentence administration and offender records management.

Insures that statutory requirements are applied in a consistent manner regarding the application of credits, the sequence of sentences, and the treatment of court orders.

Sentence Administration and Classification  auditors visit each facility/district in their region every 6-8 weeks to review field records for conformance with established procedures concerning time computation, custody assessment document interpretation, and file maintenance, and provide training and technical expertise as needed.

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Kristin Tims

Phone: (405) 425-2092

3400 Martin Luther King Avenue
Oklahoma City, OK  73111-4298

Sentence Administration

Tonia Dickerson
Phone: (405) 425-2615
Fax: (405) 425-2608

Corrections Compact

Lakeisha Seward
Administrative Programs Officer II

Phone: (405) 425-2224
Fax: (405) 425-2608

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Sex Offender Registration

Main Phone Line: (405) 425-7601

Sex Offender Registration Policy

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Corrections Compact

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Main Location
3400 North Martin Luther King Avenue
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PO Box 11400
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Phone: (405) 425-2500
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