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Policy Statements
Number Effective Date Last Review Date Title
P-100100 01/27/2020 09/2019 Training and Staff Development Standards
Operations Memoranda
Number Effective Date Last Review Date Title
OP-100101 08/27/2019 11/2016 Training and Staff Development
OP-100102 08/27/2019 Probation and Parole Services Professional Development
OP-100107 10/12/2020 05/2019 Transitional Development Specialist (TDS)
OP-100202 08/04/2020 11/2018 Standards for Basic Peace Officer Training, Certification, and Commissioning
OP-100203 06/06/2019 03/2016 Firearms Qualification Standards
OP-100242 10/12/2020 10/2019 Selection of Staff to Attend Professional Conferences
OP-100401 03/07/2018 06/2017 Safety Awareness and Training