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Probation and Parole

Policy Statements
Number Effective Date Last Review Date Title
P-160100 01/27/2020 11/2019 Purpose and Function of Probation and Parole
Operations Memoranda
Number Effective Date Last Review Date Title
OP-160103 11/02/2020 08/2019 Supervision of Community Offenders
OP-160108 10/12/2020 08/2019 Interstate Compact for Probation/Parole
OP-160201 07/27/2020 02/2019 Opening, Closing and Transferring Cases Under Supervision
OP-160202 10/10/2014 02/2019 Case File Review
OP-160301 07/27/2020 05/2019 Reports and Investigations
OP-160501 10/14/2020 01/2019 Probation and Parole Skill Building Review Process
OP-160601 07/31/2020 06/2019 Supervision of Sex Offenders
OP-160701 10/28/2020 09/2019 Collection of Probation/Parole Fees, Restitution and Program Support Fees
OP-160801 07/27/2020 07/2019 Administrative Caseload
OP-160901 08/03/2020 06/2019 Parole Warrants, Revocations, and Intermediate Sanctions
OP-161001 10/15/2020 01/2017 Specialized Programs Case Management
OP-161002 10/28/2020 06/2019 Sanctions, Interventions and Incentives for Probation Officers