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Information Management

Policy Statements
Number Effective Date Last Review Date Title
P-020100 06/30/2020 06/2019 Management of Oklahoma Department of Corrections Information
P-020600 09/29/2020 07/2019 Legislative Initiative Process
P-020700 04/05/2018 11/2017 Oklahoma Department of Corrections Data System Management
P-020800 09/29/2020 06/2019 Guidelines for Research and Research-Related Activities
Operations Memoranda
Number Effective Date Last Review Date Title
OP-020108 06/16/2020 06/2019 Information Requests and Release of Information from Agency Records and Media Access to the Department of Corrections
OP-020202 10/22/2020 05/2019 Management of Office Records
OP-020204 08/19/2020 09/2019 OLETS OpenFox Messenger Lite Procedures
OP-020303 08/19/2020 09/2019 Dissemination of the Oklahoma Department of Corrections Publications
OP-020307 11/03/2020 09/2019 Sex and Violent Crime Offender Registration
OP-020307sp 11/03/2020 11/2020 Registro de Delincuentes Sexuales y Violentos
OP-020308 10/12/2020 09/2019 Preservation of Historical Documents and Artifacts
OP-020504 05/28/2020 09/2019 Operations and Programs Reporting
OP-020601 06/30/2020 07/2019 Cooperation with Legislative and Executive Bodies
OP-020701 05/27/2020 06/2019 Control and Use of Networks and Computers
OP-020702 11/20/2020 08/2020 Request for Information System Telecommunication Services
OP-020703 10/10/2018 08/2017 Auditing Computerized Applications
OP-020705 10/20/2020 Use of TruVision Navigator
OP-021001 11/29/2018 12/2017 Oklahoma Department of Corrections Internet Standards
OP-021002 10/19/2020 Use of Social Media
OP-021501 08/09/2018 09/2017 Procedures Regulating Research
OP020111 05/14/2020 08/2019 Website Management