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Visitation is suspended until further notice.

FREE PHONE CALL UPDATE – All inmates will get their first two phone calls each week for free. Each free call is limited to 10 minutes and only apply to phone numbers within the United States. ODOC’s new telephone vendor, Securus, is providing the calls to help connect inmates with their family and friends since COVID-19 has limited visitation. The free calls extend through November. Unused calls and minutes do not accumulate.


WARNING: Companies presenting themselves as Securus Technologies are exploiting inmate families and other customers through fraudulent websites.

The most recent phishing method includes selling inmate calling plans for set rates to interested customers. Please note, such plans do not exist as Securus does not offer calling plans at this time.

To ensure you do not fall victim, type the following link directly into the web address bar (URL) when visiting Securus Technologies. Additionally, numbers for customer support are listed below.

Mobile Device: 972-734-1111

Landline: 1-800-844-6591


Beginning August 25, 2020 

The core mission of the Oklahoma Department of Corrections is to protect the public, promote a safe working environment for staff, and encourage positive change in offender behavior by providing rehabilitation programs to enable successful reentry.

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