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Data Quality and Analytics


Data Quality & Analytics utilizes descriptive, diagnostic, predictive and prescriptive analytics to provide data and statistics to inform agency decisions and improve agency performance. Descriptive analytics takes raw demographic information to provide a current snapshot of the inmate population. Diagnostic analytics reviews historical data to reveal patterns in the inmate population. Predictive and prescriptive analytics uses data to direct and guide the agency by providing information on trends and possible future developments.

Systems Quality Management

The Systems Quality Management team is responsible for the management and enhancement of the Offender Information Management systems.

Lisa Burlingame, Director
440 S Houston Ave, Ste 202
Tulsa, OK 74127-8916
Phone: (918) 581-2465
Fax: (918) 581-2186

Anji Mayfield, Projects and Performance Officer
Phone: (918) 581-2652
Fax: (918) 581-2795

Donnie Martin, Data Quality Coordinator
Phone: (918) 421-3338

Candice Moore, Quality and Operational Services Manager
Phone: (918) 581-2632

Research Projects

  • Information Management Policy


Public Data

IT Help Desk

If you experience technical difficulty with any of our applications, please contact the help desk.
Email: [email protected]
IT Call Center: (405) 521-2445
Toll Free: 844-521-2445

Evaluation and Analysis

The Evaluation and Analysis team coordinates the collection, tabulation and reporting of data in statistical and research programs.

Minzhe Wu, Director
2901 N Classen Blvd, Ste 200
Oklahoma City, OK 73106-5463
Phone: (405) 962-6110

Valerie Jones, Administrative Assistant
Phone: (405) 962-6168