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Criminal Interdiction


The Criminal Interdiction Unit is charged with investigating any criminal allegation with a nexus to ODOC. The Criminal Interdiction Unit engages in narcotics and contraband interdiction activities designed to detect and confiscate illegal drugs and other dangerous contraband. The unit participates and/or conducts surveillance of offenders, ODOC staff, and visitors.

The Agents and Investigators possess police powers and have statewide jurisdiction. The Agents are empowered to arrest individuals violating the criminal laws of the State of Oklahoma and to serve and execute both arrest and search warrants. Agents routinely investigate major crimes, such as: homicide, sexual assault, narcotics and contraband, gang activity, theft, fraud, corruption, and other felonies.

The Criminal Interdiction Unit furthers its law enforcement efforts through task force partnerships with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the United States Drug Enforcement Administration, and the United States Marshals Service. These partnerships bind a commitment of sharing information and reinforce a law enforcement allegiance when dealing with escapees, fugitives, parolees, and organized prison gangs.


Rodney Tompkins
Resident Agent in Charge

Joel Hall
Agent in Charge

Eric VanGurp
Agent in Charge