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Correctional Officer Chaplaincy Program for Employees

This program is temporarily unavailable at this time.

Leo Brown, Agency Chaplain

Phone: (405) 962-6107 (Office)
E-mail: [email protected]

HR Manager/Critical Incident Coordinator
Central Personnel Unit

Phone: (405) 425-7160 (Office)

Integris Employee Assistance Program (DOC Provider)
(800) 677-2729

Job Description

The primary duty of the chaplain’s/spiritual counselors is that of a correctional officer and must perform the duties of the chaplain/spiritual counselor less than 50% of their work time to ensure he/she is not working out of their job class. The chaplain/spiritual counselor will not normally be allowed to conduct or provide services while on duty unless authorized to do so by the appropriate supervisor. Services will normally be conducted during days off or hours when the officer is not assigned to his/her shift. No request for services will be denied, but may be referred to an agency or individual which can best meet the request for assistance or services. All approved requests must be addressed or acted upon within a 24 hour period. All requests and services, to include action taken will be documented in a log book and maintained by the chaplain/spiritual counselor.

Selection Process

Interested applicants must submit a written request for consideration to the appropriate facility head. A panel consisting of the facility head or designee, agency chaplain and volunteer coordinator or designee and a representative from Employee Assistance will conduct an interview with the applicant. Upon a favorable recommendation, a confirmation interview may be conducted by the appropriate deputy director. Upon approval from the deputy director, the applicant must complete an orientation session prior to providing services to employees or their families.


Strict confidentiality must be maintained to safeguard the relationship between the employee and chaplain/spiritual counselor.


The correctional officer chaplain/spiritual counselor position is voluntary. This position is not an authorized full-time employee approved by the Office of Personnel Management. Upon conducting approved activities for employees, the chaplain/spiritual counselor will be compensated for his time through overtime payment and travel expenses. The chaplain/spiritual counselor will be authorized to drive a state vehicle during the course of his/her official duties as described above. A cellular telephone or pager will be provided, as well as business cards.