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Contracts and Acquisitions


The Contracts and Acquisitions Unit is responsible for procuring goods and services necessary to support agency operations, while ensuring compliance with state purchasing regulations. The Unit also operates Mailroom and Document Services at the central office administration complex and oversees the agency’s Records Disposition process.

Responsible for the solicitation, award, administration, and closeout of all contracts and other acquisition instruments.

Administration and Contacts

Tina Hicks, Director

3400 Martin Luther King Avenue
Oklahoma City, OK 73111

(405) 425-2722


Open Bids Closed/Cancelled Bids and Sole Sources

Mailing/Physical Address:
3400 Martin Luther King Avenue
Oklahoma City, OK 73111-4298



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Staff Directory

Tina HicksDirector   
Contracting & Acquisitions Agents will work as a team to facilitate purchasing needs of assigned facilities/units as listed below.  Please feel free to contact either member of the team for assistance.
Randy Pogue

David Woodruff

Contracts and Acquisitions Agents for Director's office, ERRU, Chief of Staff (all units), General Services (all units), DCCC, EWCC, HMCC, JBCC, JDCC, JEHCC, MACC, NOCC, OSP, Community Corrections administration, Clara Waters CCC, Enid CCC, Lawton CCC, OKC CCC, OSR, Union City CCC, P&P Regions I and II, Community Sentencing, Private Prison Unit, County Jail Contracts, HWH/PPWP Contracts, and Inspector General

Skyler Greco

Patricia Nunez


Contracts and Acquisitions Agents for Chief of Operations Administration, Technical Operations (all units), Institutions Administration, Canine Program, Honor Guard, Correctional Academy,  Offender Services (all units), Chief Financial Officer (all units), General Counsel (all units),  BJCC, JCCC, JLCC, JHCC, KBCC, LARC, MBCC, NFCC, WKCC, P-Card purchases, and AGENCY TRAVEL COORDINATOR