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Closed Bids


1310004337Cell Phone Disposal - Office of the Inspector General06/01/2020Diverse Assets LLC
1310004336Water Softener Equipment Lease04/06/2020Culligan of Enid
1310004334Washer-Extractor and Dryers - OSR04/06/2020Aadvantage Laundry Systems
1310004332Washer/Extractor - BJCC12/18/2019RJ Kool Company
1310004331Washer/Extractor - HMCC12/10/2019Aadvantage Laundry Systems
1310004329Inmate Extradition Services10/09/2019US Corrections LLC
1310004328Type II Indoor Magazines - Agency-Wide10/02/2019Armag Corporation
1310004327Dental Appliance Prosthetics - Health Services09/25/2019PRIDE Enterprises, Express Dental Laboratory and Sentage Corporation
1310004323Inmate Transportation Services - FAI07/25/2019Cancelled
1310004322Quickbooks Software Maintenance - Agri-Services05/21/2019 
1310004320OC Spray - Agency-wide05/07/2019Galls, LLC
1310004317Dental Appliance Prosthetics - Health Services05/21/2019Cancelled
1310004316Trash Service - WSKCC04/11/2019 
1310004315Miscellaneous Hardware - OCI/DCCC04/02/2019Cancelled
1310004313Meat Plant Equipment Maintenance - Agri-Services/JBCC03/14/2019Holly Sales & Service Inc.
1310004312Forklift - OCI (Multiple Locations)03/14/2019Hugg & Hall Equipment Company
1310004311Steel Sheets - OCI/DCCC02/28/2019Priefert Manufacturing
1310004308Inmate Transport - FAI02/19/2019Cancelled
1310004306Steel Tubing - OCI/DCCC02/13/2019Wheeler Metals
1310004305Steel Sheets - OCI/DCCC02/13/2019Cancelled
1310004304Structural Steel - OCI/DCCC01/23/2019Wheeler Metals
1310004303Steel Tubing/Sheets - OCI/DCCC01/23/2019Cancelled
1310004302Die Cut Boxes - Agri-Services/JBCC01/18/2019Alpha Packaging, Inc
1310004298Mattresses and Mattress Components - OCI12/18/2018Leggett & Platt
1310004297Latex Ink Cartridges - OCI/MACC12/18/2018Imagenet Consulting
1310004296Office Furniture - OCI12/13/2018Bay Product Development, JR Wald Company & Krueger International
1310004295Cardboard/Paper Recycling - OCI11/28/2018Corrugated Services LP
1310004294Forklift - WSKCC11/28/2018 
1310004293X-Ray Machine - DCCC11/20/2018Pemica Inc
1310004292Orange Twill - OCI/OSR11/14/2018Club Tex Inc.
1310004291Mattress Springs - OCI/DCCC11/20/2018Cancelled
1310004290Lumber - OCI/JHCC10/25/2018Paramount Enterprise Corp
1310004289Badges & Insignias - Agency-Wide10/24/2018MTM Recognition
1310004288Hot Steel Sheets - OCI/DCCC10/18/2018Wheeler Metals
1310004287Marshall Unit Springs - OCI/MACC10/11/2018Oklahoma Upholstery Supply, Inc.
1310004286Steel Sheet Hot & Cold Rolled - OCI/DCCC10/11/2018Priefert Manufacturing
1310004285Steel Tubing - OCI/DCCC10/11/2018Priefert Manufacturing
1310004284Steel-Rolled & Flat - OCI/DCCC10/11/2018Wheeler Metals
1310004283Livestock Feed - Agri-Services10/04/2018Stillwater Milling Co.
1310004282Plastic Sheets - OCI/MACC12/11/2018Johnson Plastics Plus
1310004281Terry Cloth - OCI/OSR10/02/2018Tabb Textile Co., Inc
1310004280Polyester Netting - OCI/OSR10/02/2018Tabb Textile Co., Inc
1310004279White Bleached Sheeting - OCI/OSR09/26/2018Tabb Textile Co., Inc
1310004277Office Furniture - OCI09/05/2018Cancelled
1310004276Supplemental Job Postings - Admin09/13/2018Cancelled
1310004275HVAC Units - MACC08/14/2018Bradford Supply Corp
1310004274Spunbound Polypropylene - OCI08/22/2018Hanes Industries
1310004273Cardboard Boxes - Agri-Services/JBCC08/08/2018Alpha Packaging
1310004272Cable Television - NFCC08/22/2018Classic Cable of Oklahoma
1310004271Cleaner Concentrate Pre-Mix - OCI/JLCC08/08/2018American Chemical Systems
1310004268Welding Supplies - OCI/DCCC08/01/2018Industrial Welding & Tool Supply
1310004267Welding Wire - OCI/DCCC08/01/2018Wheeler Metals
1310004266Medium Duty Box Truck - Admin08/07/2017Cancelled
1310004263Steel Sheets - OCI/DCCC07/02/2018Priefert Manufacturing
1310004262Steel: Rolled & Flat - OCI/DCCC07/02/2018Wheeler Metals Inc.
1310004261Hot Rolled Steel - OCI/DCCC07/02/2018Wheeler Metals Inc.
1310004260Chemicals - OCI/JLCC (RB)06/22/2018Brenntag Southwest Inc & J Tech Sales LLC
1310004259Sewage Pump - WSKCC06/20/2018Central Oklahoma Winnelson
1310004258Chemicals - OCI/JLCC06/20/2018J. Tech Sales
1310004257Polygraph System - STI06/12/2018Lafayette Instrument Company
1310004256Pest Control - Enid CCC06/12/2018 
1310004255Lumber - OCI/JHCC06/12/2018Canceled
1310004254Plastic T-Molding - OCI/JHCC06/07/2018Patwin Plastics
1310004252Drawer Track/Slides - OCI/JHCC06/07/2018Selby Furniture Company
1310004251Liquid Kitchen Waste - JLCC06/14/2018Osborn Farm
1310004250Lift Station Pump - OSR05/31/2018Automated Engineering
1310004249Apple Bucket Chairs - OCI/LARC05/22/2018Polydyne LLC
1310004248Washers and Dryer - OSR05/22/2018Aadvantage Laundry Systems
1310004247Forklift - OSP05/22/2018LPM Forklift Sales & Service
1310004246Dishmachine Lease - JHCC05/22/2018Ecolab Inc
1310004245Dishmachine Lease - MACC05/22/2018Ecolab Inc
1310004244Dog Food - K9 Unit05/15/2018Legend + White Animal Health
1310004243Fertilizer - Agri-Services05/03/2018Gavilon Grain LLC
1310004241Chemicals - OCI/JLCC05/17/2018JTech Sales LLC and Water Tech Inc
1310004240Generator - OSP04/24/2018Total Power Systems
1310004239Dishmachine Lease - MBCC04/24/2018Ecolab Inc
1310004238Floor Finish - OCI/JLCC04/24/2018J. Tech Sales, LLC
1310004237Mattress Core - OCI/JLCC04/24/2018Bob Barker Company, Inc
1310004236Dishmachine Lease - HMCC04/24/2018Ecolab Inc
1310004235Spunbound Polypropylene04/24/2018Elite Textile Trading LLC
1310004232Rolled Steel - OCI/DCCC04/17/2018Priefert Manufacturing
1310004231Pest Control - KBCC04/10/2018Bomber TLP
1310004230Playground Basketball System - NFCC04/03/2018BSN Sports
1310004229Pest Control - UCCCC04/03/2018Bomber TLP
1310004228Plastic Containers - OCI/JLCC04/03/2018Container Supply Inc
1310004227Sheet Steel - OCI/DCCC04/03/2018Priefert Manufacturing
1310004226Dryer - JDCC04/19/2018Elite Equipment
1310004225Steel Tubing - OCI/DCCC04/03/2018Priefert Manufacturing
1310004223Heating Unit - MACC03/13/2018Bemac Supply - Union Iron Works
1310004222Bread - BJCC03/14/2018Bimbo Bakeries
1310004221Cremation Services - DOC03/22/2018Hibbs Funeral Home
1310004220Electrical Supplies - LARC02/22/2018EMSCO Electric Supply Co, Inc.
1310004218Undershelf Lights - OCI/LARC02/22/2018Krueger International Inc
1310004217Bread - WSKCC02/22/2018Flowers Baking Co
1310004212MIG Welder - OCI/DCCC01/23/2018Industrial Welding and Tool Supply LTD
1310004211Broadcloth - OCI/OSR01/16/2018Jag Textile Company
1310004210LED Lights - OCI/JHCC01/09/2018Krueger International Inc.
1310004209Rolled Steel - OCI/DCCC12/27/2017Wheeler Metals
1310004208Sheet Metal - OCI/DCCC12/27/2017Priefert Manufacturing
1310004207Steel Tubing - OCI/DCCC12/27/2017Wheeler Metals
1310004206Bleached White Sheeting - OCI/OSR12/19/2017Tabb Textile Co
1310004205HVAC Units - LARC12/12/2017Bradford Industrial Supply
1310004204Mattress Supplies - OCI12/12/2017Jones Fiber Products
1310004202Deaerator Tank Parts - WSKCC12/05/2017Hambrick-Ferguson, Inc.
1310004201Washer-Extractor - MACC12/12/2017AAdvantage Laundry Systems
1310004200Broadcloth - OCI/OSR12/12/2017Club Tex
1310004198Corn (Indefinite) - Agri-Services/JBCC11/21/2017Double T Trading LLC
1310004197Soybean Meal (Indefinite) - Agri-Services/JBCC11/21/2017Double T Trading LLC
1310004196Rifle Instructor Training - Admin11/21/2017National Rifle Association of America
1310004195Washers and Dryers - JLCC11/16/2017Aadvantage Laundry Systems
1310004194Lift for Chevy Vans - Admin11/16/2017United Access Mobility Auto Sales
1310004193Hardwood - OCI11/07/2017AF Potts Lumber Sales
1310004191Boom Truck Repair - Admin10/26/2017Utility Sales & Investments/Bucket Truck Sales Ranch
1310004190Plywood - OCI11/07/2017Paramount Enterprises Inc
1310004189Washer/Dryer Rental - OKCCCC10/26/2017CSC Serviceworks 
1310004188Polyester Netting - LCF10/26/2017ATD-American Co
1310004187Gray Poplin and Twill - OCI/OSR11/02/2017Coast Enterprise and Elite Textile Trading Co
1310004184Steel-Sheet Metal - OCI/DCCC10/05/2017Priefert Manufacturing
1310004183Steel Tubing - OCI/DCCC10/05/2017Priefert Manufacturing
1310004182Steel-Round Bar - OCI/DCCC10/05/2017Quikservice Steel Co of Tulsa
1310004181HVAC Units and Supplies - JLCC10/03/2017Bradford Industrial Supply Co
1310004180 Livestock Feed - Agri-Services09/21/2017Stillwater Milling Company
1310004179 Mattress Core - OCI/JLCC09/21/2017Fibrix LLC

Chilled Water Coils - WSKCC09/19/2017Federal Corporation
1310004177 HVAC Units - OSP09/19/2017Bradford Industrial Supply Co
1310004176 Wool-Blend Blankets - OCI/OSR09/19/2017Tabb Textile Co 
1310004175 Spices - Agri-Services/EWCC09/19/2017BlendTech Inc 
1310004174Orange Twill - OCI/OSR09/12/2017Jag Textile Company 
1310004173T-Molding - OCI09/05/2017Patwin Plastics
1310004172Paint/Stain/Coatings - OCI09/05/2017H-I-S Paint Company and Vitracoat America
1310004171Dry Box - OCI/MACC08/30/2017Central States Thermo King
1310004170Pest Control - CWCCC08/23/2017Safeguard Pest Control
1310004169Pest Control - OKCCCC08/23/2017Safeguard Pest Control
1310004168Trash Service - OKCCCC09/12/2017Republic Services
1310004167Trash Service - CWCCC09/12/2017Waste Connection of Oklahoma
1310004166Dish machine Lease - OKCCC08/17/2017Ecolab
1310004165Dish machine Lease - CWCCC08/17/2017Ecolab
1310004163Patty Machine - Agri-Services/JBCC07/25/2017Curtis Restaurant Supply
1310004162Dry Dog Food - LARC07/20/2017The Groom Closet
1310004161HDPE Sheets - OCI/DCCC07/20/2017Cancelled
1310004160Boiler Parts - DCCC07/27/2017Federal Corporation
1310004159Alcohol Ethoxylate - OCI/JLCC07/13/2017Brenntag Southwest
1310004158Firearm Instructor Training - Wilson Training Center06/28/2017National Rifle Association
1310004157Steel - OCI/DCCC06/28/2017Priefert Mfg
1310004156Polyurethane Foam Slabs - OCI/MACC06/28/2017

Allied Foam Fabricators 

1310004155Dish machine Lease - JCCC06/22/2017Ecolab Inc
1310004154Bread - WSKCC06/22/2017Flowers Baking Company
1310004153Water Treatment Chemicals - WSKCC06/22/2017Cancelled
1310004152Dish machine Lease - OSR06/14/2017Ecolab Inc
1310004151Dish machine Lease - ECCC06/14/2017Ecolab Inc
1310004150Doors - BJCC06/22/2017R&R Systems Inc
1310004149Chairs, Seat and back sets - OCI/LARC06/07/2017Cancelled
1310004147Sheet Steel - OCI/DCCC06/07/2017Albright Steel and Wire Co
1310004146Parts for Trane HVAC Equipment - MBCC06/14/2017Technology International
131000414510 Ton HVAC Unit - LARC05/31/2017Bradford Industrial Supply Co
1310004144X-Ray Machine - LARC05/31/2017Security Detection
1310004143Chemicals - OCI/JLCC05/31/2017Brenntag Southwest
1310004142Press Brake - OCI/DCCC06/14/2017Standard Industrial Corp
1310004141Plasma Cutter - OCI/DCCC05/31/2017Tactical CNC 
1310004140Modular Keyboard Parts - OCI/LARD05/24/2017Wurth Lewis and Company
1310004139Silk Screen Supplies - OCI/MACC06/14/2017Reece Supply Co
1310004138Tables - OCI/LARC05/18/2017Krueger International
1310004137Dish machine Lease - UCCCC05/18/2017Ecolab Inc
1310004136Washing Machine Lease - EWCC05/18/2017Coinmach Corporation
1310004135Frozen Turkey Thigh - Agri-Services/JBCC05/11/2017EMA Foods
1310004134Trash Service - KBCCC05/31/2017Republic Services
1310004133Pest Control - Waurika P&P05/11/2017Cancelled
1310004132Trash Service - NOCC05/11/2017Jim Hinds Sanitation East
1310004131Trash Service - DCCC05/11/2017Jim Hinds Sanitation East
1310004130Kettle - BJCC04/28/2017Cancelled
1310004128Lean Beef Trimmings - Agri-Services/JBCC05/09/2017  Lincoln Provision
1310004127Unassembled Chair Kits - OCI/MACC05/09/2017Krueger International
1310004126Spun Thread - OCI/MACC05/04/2017American & Efird LLC
1310004125Orange Twill - OCI/OSR05/04/2017Coast Enterprise
1319061586Sole Source - Fiberesin - OCI Fiberesin Industries Inc
1310004123Spunbound Polypropylene - OCI05/18/2017Hanes Industries
1310004122Dish machine Lease - LCCC04/27/2017Ecolab Inc
1310004121Frozen Turkey Thigh Meat - Agri-Services/JBCC04/25/2017Cancelled
1310004120Pest Control - OSP04/25/2017Bomber TLP
1310004119Kettle - JHCC04/12/2017Cook's Direct
1310004118Trash Service - OSP04/25/2017Republic Services of Alderson
1310004117Washer-Dryer Rental - BJCC04/25/2017Coinmach Corporation
1310004115Bleached White Sheeting - OCI/LCF04/19/2017Club Tex
1310004114Lighting Fixtures - JHCC03/30/2017Voss Lighting
1310004113Milk Solids - Agri-Services/JBCC03/30/2017Independent Dairy Commodities LLC
1310004112Upholstery Supplies - OCI/MACC03/21/2017Douglass Industries
1310004111Steel - OCI/DCCC03/21/2017Wheeler Metals
1310004107Fertilizer - Agri-Services - Multiple Locations03/21/2017Gavilon Fertilizer
1310004108Poly Gloves/Bouffant Caps - Agri-Services/JCCC03/21/2017Cook's Direct
1310004106Pest Control - JEHCC03/15/2017Extermco Termite and Pest Control Co
1310004105Heat Exchanger Unit - JHCC03/15/2017Bradford Industrial Supply
1310004103Laundry Chemicals - OCI/JLCC03/08/2017J Tech Sales
1310004102Boiler Parts - WSKCC03/15/2017Federal Corporation
1310004101Pest Control - Admin,OCI Admin, Norman02/28/2017Safeguard Pest Control
1310004100Inmate Interstate Transport - OIG03/15/2017Global Prisoner Transport
1310004099Pre-Manufactured Homes - Wilson Training Center03/08/2017Oakwood Homes
1310004098Refrigeration Maintenance/Equipment - Agri-Services/JBCC02/28/2017Sadler Refrigeration
1319064407Sole Source - Lock Training - Field Operations Southern Folger Detention Equipment Co
1310004097Aluminum Coil and Fabrication - OCI/DCCC02/14/2017Jupiter Aluminum
1310004096Steel - OCI/DCCC01/26/2017Albright Steel & Wire and Columbus Metals
1310004094Orange Twill - OCI/OSR01/12/2017Club Tex
1310004093Calf Hutches - Agri-Services/JBCC12/20/2016Stillwater Milling Co
1310004091Meat Casings - Agri-Services/JBCC12/20/2016DCW Casings and Globe Packaging
1319064128Sole Source - Wetherbee Wetherbee Electric Inc
1310004090Milk Crates - Agri-Services/JBCC01/04/2017Farmplast LLC
1310004089Meat Plant Equipment/Maintenance - Agri-Services/JBCC12/06/2016Holly Sales and Service
1310004087Innerspring Units - OCI/JLCC12/06/2016BSA International
1310004086CPR Training Software/Manuals - Administration12/06/2016ASHI
1310004085Dish machine Lease - LARC11/21/2016Ecolab Inc
1310004083Natural Plant Protein - Agri-Services11/10/2016Stillwater Milling Co
1310004082Containers - OCI/JLCC11/01/2016Container Supply Inc
1310004081Lumber - OCI11/01/2016Schaller Hardwood, Macdonald & Owen Veneer & Lumber and Phoenix Hardwood & Plywood
1310004080Lacquer - OCI10/20/2016Mohawk Wood Finishing
1310004079Veterinary Supplies and Equipment - Agri-Services10/17/2016MWI Animal Health and Northwest Vet Supply
1310004078Aerator - JEHCC10/06/2016Aqua-Aerobic Systems LLC
1310004077Steel - OCI/DCCC10/17/2016Quikservice Steel Co of Tulsa and Priefert Manufacturing Co
1310004075Vacuum Stuffer - Agri-Services/JBCC10/12/2016Pasco Brokerage Inc
1310004074Dairy Bag and Filler - Agri-Services/JBCC10/20/2016Liqui-Box Corporation
1310004073Plastic Vinyl Sheeting - OCI/MACC10/20/20163M Company
1310004072Mattress Protector - Green - OCI/JLCC10/04/2016Chemtick Coated Fabrics
1310004071Broadcloth - OCI/LCF10/12/2016Jag Textile Co.
1310004070Dish machine Lease - Wilson Training Center09/20/2016Ecolab Inc
1310004069Plastic T-Molding - OCI09/22/2016Patwin Plastics
1310004067Pest Control - MBCC08/30/2016Bomber TLP
1310004065Ice Machine - MACC08/23/2016Douglas Equipment
1310004064Ice Machine - WSKCC08/12/2016Douglas Equipment
1310004063Evaporator Cooler - WSKCC08/11/2016Automated Integrated
1310004061Mattress Protector - OCI/JLCC08/11/2016Chemtick Coated Fabrics
1310004060Mattress Core - OCI/JLCC09/06/2016Fibrix LLC
1310004059Narcotic Dogs - SORC08/11/2016Sooner State Plice K-9s LLC
1310004058Alcohol Ethoxylate - OCI/JLCC08/11/2016Harcros Chemicals
1310004057White Terry Cloth - OCI/OSR08/17/2016Tabb Textile Co
1310004055Fasteners - OCI07/20/2016D.F. Sales LLC
1310004054Moving Truck Rental - CWC06/29/2016Hertz Equipment Rental Corporation
1310004053Welding Gas and Cylinders - WSKCC07/20/2016Airgas USA LLC
1310004052Welding Gas and Cylinders - JCCC07/20/2016Airgas USA LLC
1310004051FIRO Training Materials - Admin Training06/29/2016High Performance Systems Inc
1310004050Polyester Netting - OCI/LCF08/11/2016ATD-American Co
1310004049Ice Machines - JCCC06/28/2016Curtis Restaurant Supply
1310004048Internet Service - OCI/LARC07/07/2016Cox Communications
1310004046Pest Control - JDCC06/29/2016Bomber TLP
1310004045Trash Service - MACC08/12/2016Republic Services
1310004044Kitchen Equipment - OSR06/20/2016Curtis Restaurant Supply and Cook's Direct
1310004043Kitchen Equipment - JCCC06/20/2016Cook's Direct
1310004042Kitchen Equipment - EWCC06/20/2016Douglas Equipment
1310004041Kitchen Equipment - BJCC06/20/2016Cook's Direct
1310004039Mattress Protector/Ticking - OCI/JLCC06/28/2016Club Tex and Chemtick Coated Fabrics
1310004038Aluminum Coil - OCI/MACC06/28/2016Comade Inc
1310004037Steel - OCI/DCCC06/23/2016Quikservice Steel Co of Tulsa
1310004036Pest Control - Agri-Services/JBCC07/12/2016Bomber TLP
1310004035Dog Food - SORC06/21/2016The Groom Closet
1310004034Chemicals - OCI/JLCC06/21/2016Brenntag Southwest
1310004033Pest Control - HMCC06/21/2016Bomber TLP
1310004032Commercial Washer/Dryer Rental - JCCC06/16/2016Coinmach Corporation
1310004031Pest Control - EWCC06/16/2016Bomber TLP
1310004029Casings - Agri-Services/JBCC06/15/2016Globe Casing
1310004027Books - Education05/26/2016Advanced Educational Products, Perma-Books and Mark My Woods LLC
1310004026Television Service - Multiple Facilities06/07/2016Forwarded to OMES-ISD. Exceeded agency threshold.
1310004025Steel - OCI/DCCC05/13/2016Quikservice Steel Co of Tulsa
1310004024Commercial Washer/Dryer Rental - NEOCC05/31/2016Coinmach Corporation
1310004022Dish machine Lease - JLCC05/19/2016Ecolab Inc
1310004021Oxygen - OCI/DCCC05/17/2016Industrial Welding and Tool Supply
1310004020Unemployment Claims Management - Agency-wide05/19/2016Employers Edge LLC
1310004019Commercial Washer/Dryer Rental - JDCC05/17/2016Coinmach Corporation
1310004018Commercial Washer/Dryer Rental - DCCC04/22/2016Coinmach Corporation
1310004014Door Locks - WSKCC04/28/2016Accredited Lock & Supply
1310004013Grease Trap Cleaning - CWCCC and OKCCCC05/03/2016City Grease Trap Service
1310004012Twill/White Sheeting - OCI/OSR05/10/2016Club Tex and Elite Textile Trading LLC
1310004011Heat and Air Units - UCCCC04/26/2016Trane
1310004009Doors - WSKCC04/26/2016D.H. Pace
1310004008Steel - OCI/DCCC04/05/2016Quikservice Steel of Tulsa
1310004007Innerspring Units - OCI/JLCC04/05/2016Legget & Platt
1310004006Washer and Dryer Rental - DCCC03/22/2016Coinmach Corporation
1310004005Roasted Coffee Beans - Agri-Services/JCCC03/17/20167th Ave Coffee
1310004004Spunbound Polypropylene - OCI02/25/2016Hanes Industries
1310004003Trash Pickup - OCI/JLCC02/17/2016Central Disposal LLC
1310004002Hand Tool Sharpening - OCI02/17/2016Franz Tool Co
1310004000Chemicals - OCI/JLCC02/17/2016K-O-K Products and J. Tech Sales
1310003999Undershelf LED Lighting - OCI/LARC02/17/2016Krueger International
1310003998Dish machine Lease - JDCC02/10/2016Ecolab Inc
1310003997Dish machine Lease - EWCC02/09/2016Ecolab Inc
1310003996Dish machine Lease - NEOCC02/04/2016Ecolab Inc
1310003995Kodak Scanner Maintenance - OCI/JHCC01/28/2016Kodak Alaris
1310003994Mattress Supplies - OCI01/28/2016Jones Fiber Products
1310003993Sole Brand - Syspro Software License - OCI/JHCC01/05/2016Syspro Impac Software
1310003991Kettle - JEHCC12/17/2015Douglas Equipment
1310003988Aluminum Coil - OCI/DCCC12/08/2015Jupiter Aluminum Corp
1310003987Heavy Equipment Rental - OSP12/02/2015Hertz Equipment Rental Corporation
1310003981Concrete - OSP11/03/2015Twin Cities Ready Mix
1310003980Internet Service - OCI/JLCC10/27/2015Central Oklahoma Telephone
1310003979Natural Plant Protein - Agri-Services10/27/2015Stillwater Milling Co
1310003978Lumber - OCI/MACC11/12/2015A.F. Potts Lumber Sales
1310003977Lumber - OCI/JHCC & MACC10/27/2015McDonald & Owen Veneer & Lumber Co
1310003976Trash Service - OCI/JHCC10/27/2015Waste Disposal Services
1310003975Wood Scrap Removal - OCI/JHCC01/05/2016Waste Connections
1310003974Broadcloth - OCI/LCF10/20/2015Club Tex
1310003971Aluminum - OCI/MACC10/13/2015US Standard Sign
1310003970Rooftop H/A Unit - JDCC09/15/2015Central Oklahoma Winnelson Co
1310003968Sole Brand - Miller Welder - OCI/DCCC09/16/2015Airgas USA LLC
1310003967Marshall Springs Unit - OCI/MACC09/16/2015Oklahoma Upholstery Supply
1310003966Security Fencing Material - WSKCC09/16/2015Spartan Fence
1310003965Steel - OCI/DCCC09/16/2015Quikservice Steel of Tulsa
1310003964Internet Service - OCI/JCCC08/27/2015Pioneer Telephone
1310003963Milk Crates - Agri-Services/JBCC09/03/2015Farmplast LLC
1310003962Mattress Bags - OCI/JLCC08/25/2015All American Poly
1310003961Abrasives - OCI/MACC08/25/2015Red Hill Corporation/Supergrit Abrasives
1310003960Chair Kits - OCI/MACC08/25/2015Krueger International
1310003958Aluminum - OCI/MACC10/13/2015MDSolutions
1310003956HVAC - OSR08/11/2015Grainger
1310003955Sewage Pump - WSKCC08/11/2015Southwest Fluid Systems LLC
1310003954Bleached White Sheeting - OCI/OSR08/27/2015Elite Textile Trading LLC
1310003953Fabric Upholstery - OCI08/19/2015Momentum Textile, Mayer Fabrics and Douglass Industries
1310003952Pest Control - JLCC08/11/2015Bomber TLP
1310003951Twill/Poplin - OCI/OSR08/11/2015Elite Textile Trading LLC
1310003950Food Supplement - Agri-Services/JBCC07/28/2015National Food Group
1310003948Security Camera Systems - Admin06/29/2015Trans-Tel Central, Inc.
1310003947Trash Service - HMCC06/26/2015Southern Disposal
1310003945Boiler - OSR06/17/2015Federal Corporation
1310003944Bread - WSKCC06/17/2015Bimbo Bakeries
1310003943Bread - BJCC06/17/2015Bimbo Bakeries
1310003942Trash Service - JLCC06/17/2015Central Disposal LLC of Shawnee
1310003941A/C Unit - NEOCC06/17/2015C&L Supply
1310003940Dish machine Lease - Altus CWC06/16/2015Ecolab Inc
1310003939Internet Service - OCI/JHCC06/09/2015Windstream Corporation
1310003937Tilting Braising Pan - JBCC06/04/2015Douglas Equipment
1310003936Washer/Dryer Rental - five NW locations06/04/2015Coinmach Corporation
1310003935Trash Service - JCCC06/03/2015Forwarded to OMES-Central Purchasing. Exceeded agency threshold.
1310003934Dish machine Lease - Mangum CWC06/04/2015Ecolab Inc
1310003931Water Softeners Lease - JCCC06/23/2015Culligan of Enid
1310003930Washer/Dryer Rental - BJCC and JHCC06/02/2015Coinmach Corporation
1310003928Welding Gas and Supplies - OCI/DCCC06/03/2015Industrial Welding and Tool Supply
1310003927Floor Finish - OCI/JLCC05/28/2015J. Tech Sales
1310003926Chemicals - OCI/JLCC05/28/2015Brenntag Southwest and J. Tech Sales
1310003925Trash Service - OCI/MACC05/28/2015Republic Services
1310003924Dairy Cleaning Supplies/Equipment - Agri-Services/JBCC05/19/2015Dansco Refrigeration
1310003923Pest Control - JEHCC05/13/2015Bomber TLP
1310003922Vending Machines - BJCC05/13/2015Fowler Vending
1310003921Dish machine Lease - BJCC05/13/2015Bomber TLP
1310003918Meat Casings - Agri-Services/JBCC04/30/2015Sky Resources LLC and Globe Packaging Co
1310003917Sole Brand - Miller Welder - OCI/DCCC04/30/2015Grainger
1310003916Plastic Sheets - OCI/MACC04/30/2015Bur-Lane Inc
1310003914Plastic T-Molding - OCI04/28/2015Patwin Plastics
1310003913Vinyl-Coated Polyester - OCI/MACC05/19/2015The Miami Corporation
1310003911Locks - OCI/JHCC04/15/2015Accredited Lock Supply
1310003909Polyester Netting - OCI/LCF04/08/2015Comade Inc
1310003908Aluminum - OCI/MACC02/25/2015Vulcan Aluminum
1310003905Chicken - Agri-Services/JBCC02/11/2015Lincoln Provision
1310003904Spunbound Polypropylene - OCI/JLCC02/11/2015Hanes Industries
1310003903Detergent/Softener - OCI/JLCC01/27/2015XPedx, a Veritiv Company
1310003902Electric Tilting Kettle - WSKCC01/08/2015Stafford Smith Inc
1310003901Surface Tablets - Administration09/23/2014Howard Technology Solutions
1310003900Chemicals - OCI/JLCC01/13/2015J. Tech Sales
1310003899Chemicals - OCI/JLCC01/13/2015K-O-K Products Inc
1310003898Manual Beam Saw - OCI/JHCC12/04/2014Hendrick Manufacturing
1310003897Aluminum - OCI/DCCC12/04/2014Comade Inc
1310003895Sole Brand - Miller Welder - OCI/DCCC11/13/2014Grainger
1310003894Pest Control - MACC11/04/2014Schendel Pest Services
1310003893Pest Control - DCCC11/04/2014Schendel Pest Services
1310003892Natural Plant Protein - Agri-Services10/09/2014Stillwater Milling Co
1310003891Pest Control - JCCC10/14/2014Schendel Pest Services
1310003890Signal Control Units - DCCC09/23/2014Delaware Electrical Contractors, Inc
1310003888Chair Kit Catalog - OCI09/16/2014Nightingale Corp and Indiana Chair Frame
1310003886Gray Poplin - OCI/OSR09/10/2014Jag Textile Co
1310003885Lumber - OCI/JHCC09/04/2014A.F. Potts Lumber
1310003884Containers - OCI/JLCC09/09/2014Container Supply, Inc
1310003882Sole Brand - Waterloo File Slides - OCI/LARC09/09/2014Knape & Vogt Manufacturing
1310003881Dish machine Lease - OSP08/26/2014Ecolab Inc
1310003880Bobcat Attachment Rental - OSP09/23/2014Total Equipment
1310003879Dish machine Lease - KBCCC09/09/2014Ecolab Inc
1310003877Aluminum - OCI/MACC07/29/2014MDSolutions
1310003876Physicals - Field Operations07/29/2014Occucare
1310003875Roofing Materials - OCI/DCCC07/29/2014Spec Building Materials Corp
1310003874Mattress Bags - OCI/JLCC07/22/2014Irrigation Mart
1310003872Irrigation Catalog - Agri-Services/JCCC07/22/2014Clifford Power Systems
1310003871Generator - OSP08/13/2014Clifford Power Systems
1310003870Solid Waste Trash Service - FCWC07/29/2014Progressive Waste Solutions
1310003869Garments - OCI/OSR07/23/2014T. Roberts Fabrics, Palma Trading LLC and Jag Textile Co
1310003868Floor Finish/Sealer - OCI/JLCC07/10/2014J. Tech Sales
1310003867Polyurethane Foam Slabs - OCI/MACC07/08/2014Allied Foam Fabricators
1310003865Corrugated Cardboard - OCI/JLCC07/08/2014Comade Inc
1310003864Sole Brand - Waterloo File Slides - OCI/LARC06/26/2014Wurth Louis and Company
1310003863Drug Tests - Statewide06/19/2014Alternative Sentencing Solutions of Oklahoma and Redwood Toxicology Laboratory
1310003862Dish machine Lease - JEHCC06/24/2014Ecolab Inc
1310003861Pest Control - SWDCC06/19/2014Environmental Pest Control
1310003860Trash Service - LCCC & FCWC06/19/2014Progressive Waste Solutions
1310003857Lean Beef Trimmings - Agri-Services/JBCC06/04/2014Consolidated Poultry & Egg and Lincoln Provision
1310003856Dish machine Lease - WSKCC06/04/2014Ecolab Inc
1310003855Ink and Supplies - OCI/MACC05/29/2014Reece Supply
1310003854Dish machine Lease - NWDCC06/04/2014Ecolab Inc
1310003851Gas and Tank Rental - Medical05/22/2014Airgas USA LLC
1310003850Chair Shell - OCI/DCCC06/04/2014Mastermold LLC
1310003848Mattress Protectors - OCI/JLCC05/21/2014Chemtick Coated Fabrics
1310003847Innersprings - OCI/JLCC05/21/2014Comade
1310003846Wool Blend Blanket - OCI/OSR06/04/2014Tabb Textile Co
1310003845Trash Service - Admin06/17/2014Waste Management of Oklahoma, Inc
1310003843Chemicals - OCI/JLCC05/29/2014Brenntag Southwest
1310003842Trash Service - WSKCC05/13/2014Harper Sanitation
1310003841Pest Control - WSKCC05/13/2014H&H Pest Control
1310003839Building Supplies - OSP05/22/2014Cherokee Building Materials of OKC
1310003838Tables and Chair - OCI/LARC05/22/2014Krueger International
1310003837Furniture Slides - OCI/JHCC05/22/2014Selby Furniture Company
1310003836Dish machine Lease - JCCC04/24/2014Ecolab Inc
1310003835Dish machine Lease - DCCC04/24/2014Ecolab Inc
1310003834Aluminum Sheets - OCI/MACC04/24/2014US Standard Sign
1310003833Leather Supplies Contract - Agri-Services/JDCC05/07/2014Tandy Leather Factory
1310003832Leather Side Contract - Agri-Services/JDCC05/07/2014Montana Leather
1310003831Grease Trap Service - OSR05/07/2014Rice Backhoe and Septic Service
1310003830Pest Control - NEOCC04/22/2014Bomber TLP
1310003828Pest Control - OSR04/22/2014Bomber TLP
1310003826Plastic T-Molding - OCI05/06/2014Patwin Plastics
1310003825Frozen Turkey - Agri-Services/JBCC04/08/2014Consolidated Poultry & Egg
1310003824Coatings - OCI04/22/2014Vitracoat America and Sherwin Williams
1310003820Broadcloth - OCI/OSR04/01/2014Club Tex
1310003818Appraisal of Unoccupied DOC Property03/26/2014Bradford Jay Black
1310003816Hydro Jetter - DCCC04/01/2014Frontier Equipment Sales
1310003815Fencing Materials - Idabel CWC03/19/2014Shoop & Sons
1310003813Upholstery Supplies - OCI/MACC04/15/2014Oklahoma Upholstery Supply and Burch Fabrics
1310003812Spunbound Polypropylene - OCI/JLCC02/27/2014Hanes Industries
1310003811Gray Twill - OCI/OSR03/11/2014Palma Trading
1310003810Chair Kits - OCI/MACC02/27/2014Krueger International
1310003809Washer/Extractor - LARC02/27/2014Arrow Machinery Co
1310003808Doors - OSR03/13/2014Construction Building Specialties
1310003807Telephone Maintenance - JBCC02/19/2014David Cuenod
1310003805Chair Kits - OCI/MACC02/25/2014Leggett & Platt dba Indiana Chair Frame
1310003804Upholstery Materials - OCI/MACC02/25/2014Douglass Industries
1310003803Undershelf LED Lighting - OCI/LARC02/19/2014Krueger International
1310003802Mattress Supplies - OCI/JLCC02/19/2014Jones Fiber Products
1310003801Polyester Netting - OCI/LCF02/25/2014Comade Inc
1310003800Twill/Broadcloth - OCI/OSR02/25/2014Club Tex
1310003799HVAC Equipment - BJCC03/06/2014Technology International
1310003797Chair Parts - OCI02/14/2014Leggett & Platt dba Indiana Chair Frame
1310003796Printing - EDOS02/05/2014Unique Printing
1310003795Interactive Whiteboards - Grants02/06/ Inc and Troxell Communications
1310003792Bleached Sheeting - OCI01/21/2014Raytex Fabrics
1310003790Metal Badges and Insignias - Field Operations02/19/2014MTM Recognition
1310003789Fencing Materials - OSP01/07/2014Shoop & Sons
1310003787Corndog Batter - Agri-Services12/12/2013Blend Tech Inc
1310003786Chemicals - OCI12/11/2013J. Tech Sales and K-O-K Products
1310003785Terry Cloth - OCI12/10/2013T. Roberts Fabrics Inc
1310003783Lateral File Slides - OCI/JHCC02/25/2014Knape & Vogt Manufacturing
1310003782Aluminum Coil - OCI12/05/2013Metal Exchange Corp
1310003781Material - OCI11/26/2013ATD-American Co and Club Tex Inc
1310003780Concrete - LARC12/05/2013LA Jacobson
1310003779Law Enforcement Supplies - Field Operations11/26/2013Lawmen's & Shooters Supply, CPR Savers & First Aid Supply and Bob Barker Company
1310003777Natural Plant Protein - Agri-Services11/14/2013Stillwater Milling Co
1310003776Wool Blend Blanket - OCI11/14/2013Tabb Textile Co
1310003775Concrete - DCCC11/12/2013Comade, Inc
1310003774Lumber - OCI11/12/2013Comade, Inc
1310003773Laquer - OCI12/17/2013Sherwin Williams
1310003770Cardboard Recycling - OCI10/21/2013Corrugated Services
1310003769Security File Cabinet - Field Operations10/16/2013Alpha Safe and Vault, Inc
1310003767Sole Brand - Southwest Microwave Parts - LARC10/15/2013Trans-Tel Central
1310003765Furniture Upholstery - OCI10/10/2013Douglas Industries, Mayer-Paetz Inc and Momentum Textiles
1310003764Aluminum - OCI10/08/2013US Standard Signs
1310003763Aluminum Sign Holders - OCI09/27/2013Custom Products Corp
1310003762Boiler Parts - WSKCC09/12/2013Tech Mech Supply
1310003761Locks - OCI09/25/2013Independent Hardware
1310003760Meat Mixer - Agri-Services09/17/2013Ultra Source LLC
1310003759Concrete - OCI10/08/2013LA Jacobson
1310003757Fasteners - OCI11/12/2013D.F. Sales
1310003756Mattress Springs - OCI09/04/2013Comade, Inc
1310003755Containers - OCI09/04/2013Container Supply, Inc
1310003754Mattress Bags - OCI08/22/2013Star Poly Bag Inc
1310003753Staples & Nails - OCI09/12/2013D.F. Sales
1310003752Boxes - OCI08/09/2013International Paper (XPEDX)
1310003751Job Development for Inmates08/09/2013TEEM and HOPE Community Services
1310003749Sanding Discs - OCI08/01/2013GT Industries
1310003748Grease Trap Cleaning - DCCC07/30/2013Liquid Environmental Solutions of Oklahoma
1310003747Chair Buckets - OCI08/29/2013McCourt Manufacturing
1310003746Chemicals - OCI08/22/2013Harcos Chemicals, Brenntag Southwest and J. Tech Sales
1310003745Substance Abuse Screening Services06/20/2013Redwood Toxicology Laboratory, Inc
1310003744Foam Slabs - OCI06/26/2013Comade Inc
1310003742Pest Control - DCCC06/24/2013Bomber TLP
1310003741Trane Replacement Unit - BJCC06/24/2013Arctic Refrigeration
1310003739Food Delivery Cart/Trays - MACC06/18/2013Design Specialties
1310003736Dish machine Lease - MACC06/06/2013Ecolab Inc.
1310003735Floor Finish/Sealer - OCI06/12/2013Reliable Solutions & Coatings
1310003734Keyboard Trays - OCI06/18/2013Waterloo Furniture Components
1310003733Kitchen Equipment - NWDCC06/18/2013Douglas Equipment
1310003732Pest Control - NWDCC06/12/2013Bomber TLP, Safeguard Pest Control and Schendel Pest Services
1310003731Food Service Equipment - OSP06/04/2013Cook's Direct
1310003729Fencing Materials - OSP06/04/2013Shoop & Sons
1310003728Television Service - BJCC06/11/2013Data Video Systems
1310003727Meat Casings - Agri-Services06/03/2013Sky Resources and Globe Packaging
1310003726HVAC Equipment - NEOCC06/04/2013C&L Supply
1310003725Walk-in Freezer/Cooler - SEDCC06/11/2013Camela Medical Group LLC
1310003723Exercise Equipment - JDCC05/28/2013BSN Sports
1310003722Dish machine Lease - JHCC05/28/2013Ecolab Inc
1310003721Milk Crates - Agri-Services05/20/2013Farm Plast LLC
1310003719Washer/Dryer Rental - NWDCC06/04/2013Coinmach Corporation
1310003718Canines - Field Operations05/22/2013Sooner State Police K-9's LLC
1310003715Chairs - OCI05/09/2013Correctional Technologies, Inc
1310003714Concrete - JHCC05/16/2013LA Jacobson
1310003713Ice Machines - DCCC05/16/2013Douglas Equipment
1310003712Ice Machines - JHCC05/16/2013Douglas Equipment
1310003711Freezer/Refrigerator Merchandiser - JDCC05/14/2013Douglas Equipment
1310003710Telephone Maintenance - EWCC06/04/2013Telegen Solutions
1310003709Telephone Maintenance - OSP05/14/2013David Cuenod
1310003708Dish machine Lease - MBCC05/14/2013Ecolab Inc
1310003707Food Mixer - JEHCC05/14/2013Pasco Brokerage
1310003705Pest Control - BJCC05/07/2013Schendel Pest Services
1310003704Cremation Services - Field Operations05/07/2013Hibbs Funeral Home
1310003702Telephone Maintenance - OSP05/28/2013Lantana Communications Corp
1310003701Roofing Materials - WSKCC05/28/2013Spec Building Materials
1310003700Plastic T-Molding - OCI05/06/2013Patwin Plastics
1310003699Pest Control - JCCC05/07/2013Bomber TLP
1310003698Laundry Equipment - JDCC05/02/2013Elite Equipment Co.
1310003697Mentoring for Children of Incarcerated Parents05/14/2013Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Oklahoma
1310003695Pest Control - KBCCC05/23/2013Bomber TLP
1310003693Thermal Monocular - Field Operations04/23/2013Lawmen and Shooters' Supply
1310003692Kitchen Equipment - MBCC04/23/2013Sam Tell & Son, Central Restaurant Products and Dougals Equipment
1310003691Liquid Waste Removal - JLCC04/23/2013JD Osborn
1310003690Ammunition - OSP04/23/2013Precision Delta Corporation and Oklahoma Sporting Supplies
1310003689Ammunition - BJCC04/23/2013Precision Delta Corporation and Oklahoma Sporting Supplies
1310003688Laundry Equipment - MBCC04/16/2013Aadvantage Laundry Systems
1310003687Concrete - JCCC04/16/2013Comade Inc.
1310003686Ammunition - MBCC04/16/2013Precision Delta Corporation
1310003685Bleached White Sheeting - OCI04/17/2013T. Roberts Fabrics
1310003684Security Equipment - EWCC04/16/2013Galls LLC
1310003683Sole Brand - Southwest Microwave Parts - MBCC04/16/2013Trans-Tel Central
1310003682Security Equipment - JDCC04/12/2013GT Distributors and Galls LLC
1310003680Concrete - JCCC04/11/2013Comade Inc.
1310003679Ammunition - DCCC04/09/2013Precision Delta Corporation
1310003678Ammunition - JLCC04/09/2013Precision Delta Corporation and Oklahoma Sporting Supplies
1310003677Ammunition - OSR04/09/2013Precision Delta Corporation and Oklahoma Sporting Supplies
1310003676Ammunition - JHCC04/09/2013Precision Delta Corporation
1310003675Ammunition - JDCC04/09/2013Precision Delta Corporation
1310003674Ammunition - LARC04/09/2013Precision Delta Corporation and Oklahoma Sporting Supplies
1310003673Ammunition - MACC04/08/2013Precision Delta Corporation
1310003672Ammunition - HMCC04/08/2013Precision Delta Corporation and Oklahoma Sporting Supplies
1310003671Ammunition - EWCC04/08/2013Precision Delta Corporation
1310003670Ammunition - JCCC04/08/2013Precision Delta Corporation
1310003669Ammunition - WSKCC04/08/2013Precision Delta Corporation
1310003666Toner Cartridges - OCI04/10/2013Uninet Imaging
1310003665LSI Training - Community Sentencing03/21/2013J-Sat, Inc.
1310003664Dish machine Lease - HMCC04/23/2013Ecolab Inc.
1310003663Construction Equipment Rental - Field Operations04/02/2013Hertz Equipment Rental Corporation
1310003662Medical Gases - Medical04/02/2013Airgas USA
1310003661Washer and Dryers - JLCC03/26/2013Elite Equipment Co.
1310003660Textile Printer - OCI04/02/2013Brown Manufacturing
1310003657Badges - Community Sentencing03/06/2013MTM Recognition
1310003656Rock - Field Operations03/06/2013Joe Brown Company
1310003655Ice Machines - LARC03/06/2013Sam Tell & Son and Culinary Depot
1310003654Laundry Equipment - JBCC03/06/2013Aadvantage Laundry Systems
1310003653Kitchen Equipment - JBCC03/06/2013Douglas Equipment and Culinary Depot
1310003652Concrete - EWCC03/21/2013Twin Cities Ready Mix
1310003651Sign Material - OCI/MACC03/06/2013Vulcan Aluminum and US Standard Sign
1310003650Kitchen Equipment - MACC03/06/2013Cook's Direct
1310003649Footwear - Field Operations02/28/2013Bob Barker Company
1310003646Ammunition - JHCC02/28/2013GT Distributors
1310003644Food Slicer - Beaver CWC02/21/2013Sam Tell & Son, Federal Supply and Cook's Direct
1310003640Spunbound Polypropylene - OCI/JLCC02/27/2013Raytex Fabrics
1310003639Mattress Cotton Batting - OCI/JLCC02/05/2013Jones Fiber Products
1310003638Insulator Pads - OCI/JLCC02/05/2013Jones Fiber Products
1310003637Lighting - OCI/JLCC02/05/2013Krueger International Inc.
1310003636Concrete - OSP02/05/2013Twin Cities Ready Mix
1310003635LSI-R Train the Trainer - Community Corrections01/24/2013J-Sat, Inc
1310003634Kitchen Equipment - NWDCC01/30/2013Sam Tell and Son
1310003633Ready Mix - BJCC01/23/2013Comade Inc
1310003632Padlocks - OSP01/16/2013Scovil and Sides Hardware Co
1310003631Corndog Batter - Agri-Services/JCCC01/16/2013Blend Tech, Inc
1310003630Lateral File Slides - OCI/JHCC01/16/2013CompX Waterloo
1310003629License Plate Material - OCI/DCCC01/16/2013Jupiter Aluminum Corp
1310003626Gray Twill - OCI/OSR01/04/2013Tabb Textile Co
1310003625Chemicals - OCI/JLCC01/04/2013K-O-K Products, Inc
1310003624Portable Storage Container - Administration01/04/2013Mobile Mini

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