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Chief of Staff


The Chief of Staff collaborates with agency divisions to assist the ODOC Director in accomplishing the agency’s mission and goals, by developing strategic long term and short term plans, defining major projects and developing standards for ODOC management operations. The Chief of Staff provides direct supervision to Compliance, Data Quality and Analytics, Special Projects, Strategic Planning and Training units.

Administration and Contact

Justin Farris
Acting Chief of Staff
Phone: (405) 425-7267

Tanya Parker
Administrative Assistant
Phone: (405) 425-2114

Tammy Hise
Division Support Coordinator/Lease Manager
Phone: (405) 425-7068

Jeff McLaughlin
Special Operations Manager
Phone: (405) 425-7074

Auditing and Compliance

Chief Information Officer/OMES Liaison
Phone: (405) 425-2317

General Services