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BOC Agenda for January 16, 2019

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The next regular meeting of the Board of Corrections will be held at 1:00 PM on Wednesday, February 13, 2019, at the Oklahoma Department of Corrections in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.
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Call to Order
Pledge of Allegiance
Roll Call

John T. Holder, Vice Chair
Introduction of Jeorld Braggs Jr, Warden, Lexington Assessment and Reception Center

William Monday, Director Region II


Jeorld Braggs Jr, Warden, Lexington Assessment and Reception Center

Approval of Board of Corrections Regular Meeting Minutes for November 29, 2018

John T. Holder, Vice Chair
Approval of Appointments
- Mike Bolt as Warden of the Mack Alford Correctional
- Debbie Aldridge as Warden of the John H. Lilley
Correctional Center
- Aboutanaa El Habti as Warden of the Mabel Bassett
Correctional Center
- Jeffrey P. Dunkin as Warden of the Kate Barnard
Correctional Center
Millicent Newton-Embry, Director Region I
William Monday, Director
Region II

Director’s Comments
- Emergency Purchases in accordance with 61 O.S. § 130
o To repair a steam tunnel at the Jess Dunn Correctional Center, $25,000
o To repair a heat compressor at the Lawton Community Corrections Center, $8,255
“The chief administrative officer of a public agency with a governing body shall notify the governing body within ten (10) days of the declaration of an emergency if the governing body did not approve the emergency. The notification shall contain a statement of the reasons for the action, and shall be recorded in the official minutes of the governing body.” 61 OS § 130
Joe M. Allbaugh, Director

Inmate/Offender Population Update
Laura Pitman, Ph.D., Director Population, Programs, and Strategic Planning
Business Services
- FY 2019 ODOC Budget Monthly Update
- Approval of Average Daily Cost Per Inmate by Facility Category for FY 2018in accordance with 57 OS § 561.1 ¶E.
"At the beginning of each fiscal year, the Department of Corrections shall determine the budgeted average daily cost per inmate. There shall be a separate computation of budgeted average daily cost for maximum security, medium security, minimum security, and community facilities. This information shall be presented to the State Board of Corrections for informational purposes only. After the close of each fiscal year, the Department shall determine the actual average daily cost per inmate for the operational costs at each major category of correctional facility. There shall be a separate computation of the average daily rate for maximum security, medium security, minimum security, and community facilities. The Department shall present to the Board of Corrections at its January meeting comparative data on budgeted daily cost versus actual daily cost, and, after appropriate review and analysis, the Board shall adopt as a final action of the Board an average daily cost per inmate by facility category for the immediately preceding fiscal year." 57 OS § 561.1 ¶E.

Ashlee Clemmons, Director Business Services
Committee Reports
Standing Committees:
• Audit/Finance – Chair Frazier Henke, Members Todd Holder and Kevin Gross
• Criminal Justice Reform – Chair Adam Luck, Members Gene Haynes and Dianne Owens
• Public Policy/Affairs – Chair Gene Haynes, Members Frazier Henke and Dianne Owens
• Population/Private Prisons – Chair Todd Holder, Members Michael Roach and Adam Luck
• Executive – Chair Michael Roach, Members Frazier Henke and Kevin Gross

Committee Chairs
New Business
John T. Holder, Vice Chair
John T. Holder, Vice Chair

Approval to Enter into Executive Session

Pursuant to 25 O.S. § 307.B.4. for confidential communications between a public body and its attorney concerning the pending investigation and litigation of the items listed below if the public body, with the advice of its attorney, determines that disclosure will seriously impair the ability of the public body to conduct a pending investigation, litigation, or proceeding in the public interest.

• Suicide of inmate Enrique Dominguez #669613 at the Oklahoma State Penitentiary (case number IG 18-0220)
 Death of Larry Sivits #127966 at the Dick Conner Correctional Center (IG 18-0238)
 Whitlock v. ODOC (case number CJ-2018-3939, District Court of Oklahoma County)

David Cincotta, General Counsel


Approval to Return from Executive Session
David Cincotta, General Counsel

Approval to Adjourn Meeting
John T. Holder, Vice Chair

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