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Union City Community Corrections Center

Union City Correctional Community Center

Facility Overview

This facility was originally built for Avalon Corporation in 1999 as a high-security juvenile facility. The structure, approximately 45,270 square feet on 20 acres, was purchased by the Oklahoma Department of Corrections in July 2006. It was determined that the facility was best suited to house community-security level inmates. The facility offi cially opened March 24, 2005, as the Union City Community Corrections Center (UCCCC) with a capacity of 228 inmates. The majority of the inmates are assigned to work for surrounding city, county, or state agencies under provisions of the Prisoner Public Works Program.

The concept of community corrections has been well established in Oklahoma for some time. On March 18, 1970, the Oklahoma Crime Commission awarded the Department of Corrections a grant to open community treatment centers in the state. The first, Oklahoma City Community Treatment Center was opened October of 1970. Since that time the Department of Corrections has introduced additional centers in Tulsa*, Enid, Lawton, Muskogee*, Oklahoma City, McAlester* and Union City. All operate under guidelines set forth by state statutes, the Board of Corrections, and the policies of the Oklahoma Department of Corrections. Inherent in these guidelines is a basic philosophy of providing increased opportunities to inmates for engaging in responsible behaviors.

Contacting Inmates


Days and Hours

Saturday:9:00 a.m. –3:00 p.m.
Last names beginning with letters “A” thru “L”

Sunday: 9:00 a.m. –3:00 p.m.
Last names beginning with letters “M” thru “Z”

Holiday Visits

State recognized holidays between Monday and Friday.
9:00 a.m. –3:00 p.m. Open Visitation

Special Visits

Any request to visit other than your assigned times is a special visit. These visits can only be approved by the Chief of Security or Facility Head.  According to OP-030118, entitled “Visitation”, special visits include:visits  from  persons  who  have  come  long  distances,  volunteers  or  team members  identified  by  staff  thathave  partnered  with  DOC  for  reentry  services  when  the  visit will  aid  in  the  reentry  process,  visits  to hospitalized  inmates,  visits  in  disciplinary  status (attorney  visits/clergy  only),  and  visits  between  clergyand social service agency representatives, etc.

Affiliated Centers

OKC Transitional Center
Male:  200
5245 S. I-35 Service Rd.
OKC, OK  73129
Phone: (405) 605-2488
Fax: (405) 605-2487
Christe Sweat, Administrator
Host Facility:  Union City CCC

Catalyst Behavioral Services- Ivanhoe
Male:  139
415 NW 8th Street
OKC, OK  73102
Phone (405) 232-7215
Fax (405) 552-2600
Mike Fleetwood, Program Director
Host Facility: Union City CCC