System Security

The OBS system utilizes a layered approach to meeting system security requirements. OBS system users will adhere to all Information Management policy and procedures for employees accessing the OBS system through state facilities as defined by OP-021001 “Department of Corrections OneNet/Internet Standards” and OP-020701 “Control and Use of Network Computers.”

New OBS Users and User Group Change Request

New User Training
All new OBS users and current OBS users for whom a change is requested will be trained in OBS application parameters for their appropriate user group before being granted access to the system. New user training classes will be accomplished by qualified facility OBS users. If a facility does not have someone qualified to teach the appropriate OBS skill they will arrange for the new user to be trained in their specialty area by a qualified neighboring facility user. Supervisors will certify training has been received before requesting a new user be given access to the system.

New User and Permissions Change Request
When a new user or user group permission’s change is to be accomplished for a field or central office OBS system location or user, the appropriate supervisory staff will submit to the Administrator of Offender Banking Services or designee a “New OBS User and Permissions Change Request” form (Attachment K) identifying the requested change. The change request will include:

1. Users Name

2. Primary OBS Job Responsibilities

3. Work Location

4. Work Phone Number

5. Email Address

6. Supervisor’s Name

7. Supervisor’s Phone Number

8. Supervisor’s Email Address

9. Supervisor’s signature certifying appropriate OBS training has been received by the new user.

OBS System Access

OBS System Access Rights
The Administrator of Offender Banking Services or designee, after a new user has been trained, will ensure appropriate IT network security managers are timely notified and request the new user be granted OBS through the OBS Active Windows Directory.

The Administrator of Offender Banking Services or designee will assign the new user to his/her appropriate user group based upon the user’s specific system access needs. The Administrator of Banking Services will keep a file of all department employees who have current OBS access rights and their assigned user group.

Termination of OBS Access
When an existing OBS user leaves employment or retires from the Department of Corrections the OBS user’s immediate supervisor will contact the Administrator of Offender Banking Services or designee within 24 hours of employment separation. Upon notification of an OBS user’s employment separation the Administrator of Offender Banking Services or designee will ensure that OBS system access is terminated.

The Administrator of Human Services or designee will provide the Administrator of Offender Banking Services or designee electronic notification of department employees who leave employment service that have OBS access.

OBS Software

Installation of OBS Software
OBS software will only be installed on computers owned and operated by the department and only at institutions and facilities managed and operated by the Oklahoma Department of Corrections. When a new institution or facility is created within the department, the Administrator of Offender Banking Services will request, through a change order, the vendor add the new location to the OBS software.

Web Page Access
Access to the web-based report and field input screen of OBS will only be granted to department staff with a specific need to access web-based functionalities. Private prisons, halfway houses, and/or other non-department users are not authorized, by contract restriction, to access web page functionalities.