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Sign-On Pay Incentive

The Oklahoma Department of Corrections offers a sign-on pay incentive for the following positions:

Inital Payment
After 5 Months Employment
Total Incentive
Registered Nurse
Level I, II or III
(Y12A, Y12B, or Y12C)
Licensed Practical Nurse
Level I or II
(Y11A or Y11B)


  1. Must be a new state employee or a former State of Oklahoma employee following a break-in-service from the state of at least 180 days.
  2. May not have previously received a sign-on incentive payment from any state agency during any period of state employment.
  3. Must sign a "Sign-on Pay Incentive Application" acknowledging the obligation to repay the entire incentive, including tax withholdings on the incentive, if the individual voluntarily or involuntarily leaves state employment or accepts employment with another state agency within one year after receiving the incentive payment.
  4. Completion of a full background investigation which resulted in a recommendation to hire.