Section - 06

OP-060102 (Male)

OP-060102 (Female)

OP-060103 (Male)

OP-060103 (Female)




  • DOC 060125 A  "Oklahoma Department of Corrections Offense Report"
  • DOC 060125 B  "Investigator's Report"
  • DOC 060125 C  "Disciplinary Hearing Report (Class X or Violation Involving Restitution)"
  • DOC 060125 C-1  "Disciplinary Disposition Report (Class A and B Offenses and Class X Guilty Pleas)"
  • DOC 060125 D  "Facility Misconduct Report Record"
  • DOC 060125 E  "Disciplinary Hearing Docket"
  • DOC 060125 F  "Response From Director or Designee"
  • DOC 060125 G  "Amendment of Rule Violation"
  • DOC 060125 H  "Record of Delivery of Copies of Evidence to Offender"
  • DOC 060125 I  "Witness Discretionary Action Record"
  • DOC 060125 J  "Notice of Rule and Condition Violation"
  • DOC 060125 K  "Program Rule and Condition Violation Hearing Action"
  • DOC 060125 L  "Inmate's Misconduct Appeal Form for Class X Misconducts"
  • DOC 060125 L-1  "Inmate's Misconduct Appeal Form for Class A and B Misconducts"
  • DOC 060125 M  "Disciplinary Process Consultation Log"
  • DOC 060125 N  "Change of Plea Form"
  • DOC 060125 O  "Disciplinary Hearing Postponement"
  • DOC 060125 P  "Review of Evidence Form"
  • DOC 060125 Q  "Inmate's/Offender's Rule and Condition Violation Appeal Form"
  • DOC 060125 R  "Mental Health Recommendations Regarding Offender Discipline"
  • DOC 060125 S  "Notice of Deferred Hearing Process for Rule Violation (Community Corrections Only)"
  • DOC 060125 T  "Request to Submit a Misconduct/Grievance Appeal Out of Time" 
  • DOC 060125 U "Assignment of Staff Representative" 
  • DOC 060125 V "Misconduct/Grievance Appeal Form to To Administrative Review Authority" 
  • Attachment A "Acts Constituting a Rule Violation"
  • Attachment B  "Disciplinary Hearing Guide"
  • Attachment C  "Program Removal Procedures for Offenders Assigned to PPCS, SSP, EMP, or GPS Programs"
  • Attachment D  "Deferred Hearing Process for Rule Violations (community security offenders only)"






  • Attachment A  "Oklahoma Department of Corrections Interstate Corrections Compact / Contract Transfer Application"
  • Attachment B  "Oklahoma Department of Corrections Interstate Corrections Compact Transfer Request Cover Sheet"
  • Attachment C  "Corrections Compact Cover Sheet"
  • Attachment D "Progress Report for Interstate Compact Offenders" 


  • Attachment A  "Offender Accountability Cover Letter"
  • Attachment B  "Offender Accountability Plan Delayed Sentencing for Young Adults"
  • Attachment C  "Consent for the Release of Confidential Information"



  • DOC 060212 A  "Request for Death Certificate"
  • DOC 060212 B  "Request for Review of Individual Criminal History Record"
  • DOC 060212 C  "Challenge of Criminal History Record"
  • DOC 060212 D  "Request for Review of Individual Department of Corrections Record"
  • DOC 060212 E  "Record Transfer Verification Sheet"
  • DOC 060212 F  "Authorization to Release DOC Record Information"





  • Attachment B "Offender Orientation (Passive)-Guidelines and Procedures" 
  • Attachment C "Electronic Monitoring Program for DUI Offenders Criteria" 
  • Attachment D "Rules and Conditions for the Electronic Monitoring Program for DUI Offenders" 
  • Attachment E "List of Violent Offenses" 
  • Attachment F "Notice for Offenders Assigned to the Electronic Monitoring Program for DUI Offenders" 
  • Attachment G "Electronic Monitoring Program for DUI Offenders Residence and Employment Verification Request" 
  • Attachment H "Monthly EMP Inventory Reconciliation" 
  • Attachment I "Imposition of Intermediate Sanctions" 
  • Attachment J "Documentation of Completion and Readiness" 
  • Attachment K "EMP Exit Form" 
  • Attachment L "EMP Packet Checklist" 


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