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Receipt of Client Field Collections

All monies collected by field staff from a client must be in the form of a cashier’s check or money order made out for payment to the Department of Corrections and will be receipted using the OBS secure website “Field Collection” screen. The initials “DOC” will not be used on the payee portion of any remitted money order or cashier’s check to prevent the payee portion of the deposit from being easily altered. Proceeds collected by field officers after recorded in the OBS system through the OBS web page will be forwarded to Restitution Accounting with a copy of the OBS Restitution/Fee receipt.

Field Collections Web Page

Client Field Collection Information
The OBS system uses offender information provided by OMS. Payments to be to be entered into the system from a client require the client to exist in the OMS system.

OBS Only Clients
If the client does not exist in OMS the Restitution Unit may establish an “OBS only client” through the “Manual Account Creation” process. All “OBS only clients” will start with the number “8.”

Client fees or restitution obligations will not be collected by probation and parole officers until such time as the client is established in the OMS system and system tracked obligations are created. When a new client’s information is received at an intake by a Probation and Parole district office, the office will immediately notify Restitution Accounting of the new client and provide a copy of the case card.

Clients Not In OBS
When a supervised offender present’s them self to an officer with a collection payment and the client’s obligations are not established in the OBS system, the officer will immediately contact Restitution Accounting for assistance.

Transmittal of Client Obligation Information by Probation and Parole Offices
Establishing a new client in the OBS accounting system requires the supervising probation and parole office to notify restitution accounting of all restitution obligations and fees to be paid by the client and the client’s expected monthly payment schedule. This information, when received, will be entered into OBS by restitution accounting staff before any collection can be entered for the client.

Field Collection Web Page Data Entry
Probation and parole officers and field staff using the OBS website page for receipt of client payments will follow these procedures:

1. Log into the OBS secure web page (ADM location).

2.Confirm the client’s name and DOC# shown on the “Field Collection” screen is the person from whom the collection is being entered.

3.Enter the “total” dollar amount of the financial instrument being used for payment in the “Amount” field.

4. Check the obligations listed in the “Plan Distribution” box. If there are any cases or fees that are no longer being actively supervised listed, inform Restitution Accounting before proceeding any further.

5. In the “Money Document #” field enter the money order/cashier’s check serial number to include the entire serial number (include any letters). Do not enter any punctuation marks.

6.Select from the “Company” drop down menu the name of the company that issued the financial instrument. Typing the first letter will take the user to the start of the alphabetical grouping for that letter. If a company’s name is not listed the user will call restitution accounting at (405) 425-2799 to have a new company entered for use.

7.Probation and parole officers must enter their badge number in the “Badge #” field. If the person accepting the payment does not have a badge number then they must enter into the “Badge #” field their last name followed by first name initial.

8. The offender’s required monthly obligation payment(s) will be automatically deducted by the OBS system. Additional funds collected with this payment, or at a later time during the same month, will be shown as “unallocated”.

9. “Unallocated” funds will be displayed as the last amount shown in the list of “System Totals” in the upper right of the Field Collections screen.

10.Users must edit the payment by clicking the edit button beside the obligation to which they would like to apply any portion of the “unallocated balance.” Unallocated funds must have a “zero balance” prior to the system allowing a “Save and Print” action.

a. The priority for applying unallocated funds is:

i. Restitution (if owed)

ii. Pre-sentence investigation fee (if owed)

iii. Advance payment towards supervision fees.

NOTE: Application of unallocated funds towards supervision fees will not eliminate the next month’s supervision fee obligation in the OBS system unless the fees are “paid in full” or a “fee waiver” has been entered.

Client Payments for More than Amounts Owed
The OBS system will not allow officers and field staff to accept a payment for amounts greater than the system shows the client owes for the “total obligation.” If a client submits a payment for more than is shown owed by the system, the officer or staff member will confirm with restitution accounting the client’s actual obligations.

If a discrepancy is discovered and the officer wants to accept the payment, the officer/staff member must request restitution accounting to update the client’s obligations. If system tracked obligations are confirmed correct and the officer still wants to accept the client’s payment then restitution accounting will increase the client’s “restitution” obligation by the over payment.

The person accepting the over payment must then submit, through their chain of command, a “request for refund” for the over payment. This request for refund must be “signed” by the officer’s assistant/district supervisor and will include the client’s current mailing address.

If a properly approved request for refund is not received, the overpayment will be sent to the Crime Victims Compensation Board after three years per state statute.

Web Page Reports
There are several OBS web page reports available to Probation and Parole staff to look up client restitution and fee obligation data and payment transaction information. Those reports are:

• Offender Obligation Report – shows system tracked client obligations, start collection date, original amount owed, interest accrued (if ordered by the court), waived amounts, current amount owed, monthly payment amount, status, source document #/court case #, and county owed.

• Offender Receipt Report – for the date range selected, shows: acceptance date, receipt number, money order number, collection date, company name on money order, and amount.

• Offender Transaction List Report – for the date range selected, shows: transaction date, transaction type, money order number, receipt number, amount, and account balance.

• P&P Officer Identification Report – for the counselor login name entered, shows the counselor’s OMS tracked caseload by DOC#, offender name, last restitution payment date, and last supervision fee payment date for those assigned offenders.

• Statement of Restitution Obligation Report – for the offender selected, shows court case number, county restitution owed, restitution type, original amount owed, current amount owed, and pay off balance.