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About the Organization

Organization Chart

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Office of the Director


Auditing and Compliance

Auditing and Compliance

-Internal Auditing
-Operations Compliance
-Policy Procedures
-Health Service Compliance

Business Services


Employee Rights and Relations

Fugitive Apprehension and Investigations

Fugitive Apprehension and Investigations
-Fugitive Apprehension
-Law Enforcement Communications

General Counsel

General Counsel
-Administrative Review Authority

Health Services

Legislative Liaison

Marilyn Davidson
Phone: (405) 419-8671

Oklahoma Correctional Industries


Chief of Operations

Human Resources
-Employee Grievances

General Services
-Contracts and Acquisitions
-Document Services  

Special Operations
Administration Security and Maintenance

Construction and Maintenance

Fleet Management

Environmental Health and Safety Administration

Technology and Emergency Operations
Information Technology
Systems Quality Management 
Statewide CERT Coordination


Population, Programs and Strategic Planning

Population, Programs and Strategic Planning 

Classification and Population 
-Assessment and Reception
-Central Transportation Unit
-Interstate Corrections Compact  

Sentence Administration, Offender Records and Registries  
-Sentence Administration
-Offender Records
-Closed Records
-Sex/Violent Offender Registration
-Consolidated Records

Evaluation and Analysis

Program Services 
-Religious Services and Volunteer Coordination 
-Intervention and Reentry Services

Honor Guard

Food Service Quality Assurance

Probation and Parole Services

Security Threats Intelligence