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Lexington Assessment and Reception Center


Facility Overview

The Lexington Assessment & Reception Center is a multi-function, state operated adult male correctional institution located in Lexington, Oklahoma. The institution has a capacity of 1,450 males. Lexington Assessment and Reception Center serves both as an intake and a long-term male facility.

The institution offers job opportunities for both medium and minimum security inmates. The minimum security inmates are assigned to the Prisoner Public Work Program (PPWP), five days a week for the following agencies: City of Noble, City of Lexington, Department of Mental Health, Oklahoma Correctional Industries, and Oklahoma Military Department - Heliport. The Lexington Career Tech Skills Center is located on the grounds of LARC. Students are from the medium security yard at LARC. The cabinet-making apprenticeship program trains workers to journeyman level in the cabinet making trade, covering all aspects of woodwork and design with emphasis on safety in all aspects of the skill. Friends for Folks in conjunction with Second Chance animal rescue, is a program designed to help long term inmate's deal with their time. The inmates train dogs and donate them to local nursing homes as companion dogs.


Friends for Folks Dog Training Program

Contacting Inmates

Visits With Inmate

Saturday & Sunday

LCC – 9:30A.M.– 3:30P.M.

RTMU– 9:00A.M.– 5:00P.M