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Joseph Harp Correctional Center

Joseph Harp Correctional Center

Facility Overview

Joseph Harp Correctional Center is a medium-security facility with a capacity of 1,405 inmates. Inside this facility, the staff work with a diverse group of individuals, as they house the Mental Health inmates, Delayed Sentence inmates and Youthful inmates.

In October 2012, a residential substance abuse program that also emphasizes the importance of pro-social behaviors was started at JHCC. The groups consist of 10 participants with 3 groups being staggered for a total of 30 members. The curriculum is the Second Edition Criminal Conduct and Substance Abuse Treatment: Strategies for Self-improvement and Change. The goal of the program is to reduce recidivism and to teach the participants pathways to responsible living. This program is housed in the Education building.  The academic program includes literacy, special needs, ABE, GED, ESL, and college programs. Library services support a leisure library for all general population inmates. Education also includes a pre-release class for inmates related to general life skills.

Contacting Inmates

Correctional Center Visitation


Visiting days normally include Saturdays (or) Sundays (and) all state recognized holidays. State recognized holidays that fall on Monday through Friday will be a “free” visiting day. The number of hours an inmate may visit on the free visiting day will be in accordance with the inmate’s level. That day will not count on the total number of hours per visiting privilege level. If the holiday falls on Saturday or Sunday, then the hours will count on the total visiting privilege level hours.

Visiting Hours

Level one

Inmates who are eligible for one hour of visitation per week may begin visiting at 9:00a.m. on Friday.

Level two

Inmates who are eligible for two hours of visitation per week, visitors may begin the check in process at 12:30p.m. on either Saturday or Sunday. These inmates will be given the opportunity for four, two hour visits.

Level three

Inmates who are eligible for four hours of visitation per week may begin visiting at 11:00a.m. on either Saturday or Sunday, each weekend.

Level four

Inmates who are eligible for six hours of visitation per week may begin visiting at 9:00a.m. on either Saturday or Sunday, each weekend.

Inmates who visit for any length of time during a scheduled visit period will be considered to have visited the entire visiting period, regardless of when the visitor arrived.


On state recognized holidays, visiting hours are 9:00a.m. until 3:00pm. according to assigned level.

Visitation Rules

Visitors for inmates who are eligible to begin visiting at 9:00a.m. may begin the check in process at 8:30a.m.

Visitors must arrive one and half (1 ½) hours prior to the end of visiting in order to gain admittance.

Count times: 10:00a.m. and 2:00p.m. Movement freezes 10 minutes prior to count time.

All inmate movement will cease in and out of the visiting room. Visitors may exit the visiting room during the 10:00a.m. count for the restroom but will not be allowed to re-enter until count clears. Visitors who leave the visiting room during the 2:00p.m. count time will not be allowed to return to visiting and the visit will be considered ended.

Segregation Housing Unit

Inmates housed in segregation housing will be allowed the following visiting privileges:

Administrative Segregation and Protective Measures Inmates

  • Administrative Segregation and Protective Measures Inmates will be allowed a one hour non-contact visit per week to include only the following visitors: the inmate’s mother, father, spouse, legal and clergy.

Disciplinary Segregation Inmates

Inmates serving time for Disciplinary Segregation (DU Time) will not be allowed to visit while on the unit, with the exception of attorney/clergy visits. Inmates held in disciplinary detention exceeding 60 days will be afforded the same visiting privileges as inmates in long term Administration Segregation and Protective Measures.


The following rule violations may result in termination of visiting privileges on the first offense based on the seriousness of the offense within the Department of Corrections and private prisons holding Oklahoma inmates:

  • Escape (aiding and abetting)
  • Introduction of weapon(s)
  • Introduction of cellular phones/accessories/electronic devices
  • Tobacco, tobacco products, Drugs or Alcohol (Illegal)
  • Assaults (staff/visitors/inmates; verbal and/or physical)

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