ePro Tip Guide rev. 1/11/16

1) ePro does not replace the requirement of internal DOC procedures, e.g. signed approval routing slip.

2) If any documents or comments are missing, or if the ePro requisition is not complete, the requisition will be denied.  A comment will be added by the buyer to explain the reason for the denial.

3) A denied requisition does not cancel the requisition.  It returns it to the requester.  The requester will then be able to fix the errors and resubmit for approvals. If you have a requisition that was denied, you will have to increase the cost on a line by a penny, “Save & Submit”, go back to “Edit This Requisition”, lower the cost by the penny, then “Save & Submit” again in order to get the requisition out of “Denied” status.

4) Always have complete information for what you wish to purchase.  This includes current statewide contracts, item id’s, vendor numbers, locations and any other items that will need to be looked up in Peoplesoft.  ePro does not give you the option of opening a new window to search for these items in Peoplesoft.

5) When making a requisition with multiple lines with the same Item ID’s use the “Special Request” tab and use the category code associated with that item ID.  An example of this is in "How to: ePro Requisition Special Request (Category Code) Peoplesoft 9.2”.

6) If your SW contract has expired, but leases are still in effect until the end of the lease agreement period, you will need to add Item ID by the “Express Item ID” tab.  

7) Always verify that the buyer is your assigned DOC buyer if the PO will be dispatched by DOC.

8) Always verify that the bill to and ship to locations are correct.

9) Always remember that the final step is to click on budget check.  If this is not completed, the requisition will be denied.

10) If you wish to save without submitting, click “Save for Later” instead of “Save & Submit.”

11) Do not use the option to save your requisition as a template. This option has been found to cause problems with the Header (Justification) and Line Comments.

12) When using a statewide contract that has multiple vendors make sure you put the vendor id and location number in the line details. 

13) I.T. Change Orders must be done in ePro only if:

a. The total PO amount for a contract period or one time purchase is being increased above the highest total PO amount that was  previously approved in ePro by OMES;

b. A new product or service is being added, regardless of the dollar amount;

c. A single Authority Order purchase of $5,000 or more is being completed, regardless of whether or not that purchase was originally on your approved AO spreadsheet.


1. You are increasing your PO up to the total acquisition dollar amount that was in the header comments of your original ePro req.  This normally happens when a SW contract is expiring in the middle of a PO's contract period.

2. You change your funding or add distribution lines and the total PO amount is not increased.

3. You decrease your phone service PO by $400, and then at a later date you increase it by $200.  Both change orders should be done in "ADD/UPDATE PO", not in ePro.

4. You increase the number of black and white copies, but decrease the number of color copies on the same PO such that the total PO amount is not increased.

14) All new non-I.T. purchase requests that were on Requisitions in the past must now be done in ePro.  All new non-I.T. purchase requests that you have done as a Purchase Order in the past will continue to be a Purchase Order.

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