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Dr. Eddie Warrior Correctional Center

Eddie Warrior Correctional Center

Facility Overview

The Dr. Eddie Warrior Correctional Center (EWCC) is a minimum-security facility with a total housing capacity of 999 female inmates located in Taft, Oklahoma approximately 10 miles west of the City of Muskogee. EWCC provides many self-help programs that are geared toward reducing recidivism and successful reintegration. 

The facility is divided into two general population units and the Regimented Treatment Program (RTP), a six to twelve month military style program which combines a regimented structure within a therapeutic community environment. The inmates are offered education to include General Education, Adult Based Education, college courses and Career Tech.

Contacting Inmates

Visiting Days/Hours

Saturday: 8:15A.M.- 2:45P.M.
Sunday: 8:15A.M.- 2:45P.M.
All state recognized holidays.

Special Extended Visits

Special extended visits are allowed for persons who travel long distances, volunteers or team members identified by staff that have partnered with DOC in reentry services, attorney/clergy, etc. The length and conditions of all special visits will be determined by the Warden. Special visits for ministers/religious leaders must be scheduled in advance through the Warden. Requests for special visits must be made by the inmate using the appropriate request form and must be submitted by the inmate to unit staff at least 2 weeks in advance so that verifications can be made.(Exceptions to time frames may be considered in an emergency situation.)