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Depositing Money (Offender Banking System)

How can I send money to someone in prison?Image of a person depositing money

Only a cashier's check or a money order are accepted when sending money to an inmate. 

For inmates housed in state institutions deposits may be mailed to one of the following:

How can I make sure the correct inmate receives the money I send?

To ensure the inmate receives the deposit, please write legibly on the memo line of the cashier's check or money order the following:

  1. The inmate’s name,
  2. DOC number, and 
  3. sender’s name.

Who should I make the check out to?

Make the actual check out to JPay or Access Secure Deposits, depending on which vendor you choose to use. 

What happens if I fail to include all information?

Failure to include all information will result in the money order or cashier's check being returned to the sender.

Is there any additional information I need to attach?

Yes. You will need to attach a fully completed deposit slip (JPay or Access) to the cashier’s check or money order.  These deposit slips should not be stapled to the funds but attached by paper clip.  

Where can I find a deposit slip?

You can download a printable deposit slip under JPay or Access Secure Deposits.

How can I send money to someone housed in a private prison?

Inmates who are housed in private prisons are not included in the JPay/Access Deposit program; you will need to follow procedures as dictated by those facilities.


JPay.comSend money online, with your credit or debit card.

JPay Mobile - Send money anytime, anywhere by downloading the free app

800-574-5729 - Speak with a live agent, 24/7

Cash with  - At locations including CVS and Walmart (receive code 6365)  

Money orders - Payable to JPay at: P.O. Box 278320, Miramar, FL 33027

Money Transfer Fees

Deposit Amount $0.01 - $20.00: Online $3.95 | Phone $4.95 | Money Order $0.00 | Cash/Walk-in $6.95 
Deposit Amount $20.01 - $100.00: Online $6.95 | Phone $7.95 | Money Order $0.00 | Cash/Walk-in $6.95 
Deposit Amount $100.01 - $200.00: Online $8.95 | Phone $9.95 | Money Order $0.00 | Cash/Walk-in $6.95 
Deposit Amount $200.01 - $300.00: Online $10.95 | Phone $11.95 | Money Order $0.00 | Cash/Walk-in $6.95 
Deposit Amount $300.01 - $999.99: Online $0.00 | Phone $0.00 | Money Order $0.00 | Cash/Walk-in $6.95

For more information www.JPay.com  - 800.574-5729

ACCESS Secure Deposits

To use this method, online or by phone, you must establish an Access account. Please visit www.accesscorrections.com or call (866) 345-1884 for information on how to open and manage your account. Access Secure Deposits takes MasterCard and Visa debit and credit cards.

You may also send a money order with a deposit coupon without establishing an account. Please visit Access Secure Deposits to print a deposit coupon and follow Access’ instructions.

Payment Options

If you want to send money...
Go to...
Payment Type...
Debit or credit card
By phone 
(866) 345-1884
Available 24/7
Debit or credit card
Lock Box (Monies mailed through the U.S. Postal Service)
Mail the order deposit form available
from offender or vendor web site (www.accesscorrections.com) 
with the money order to:
 Secure Deposits-Oklahoma DOC
 PO Box 12486
 St. Louis, MO 63132
Money Order
deposit coupon  

Available at Ace Cash Express locations.


ACH Payment Solutions

Cash, debit or credit card

Cash Only

Fee Schedules 

Access Secure Deposits  
Fees for Electronic Money Transfer Transactions.
The fee will be deducted from the deposited amount.

Deposit Type
Lock Box
$0.01 - $19.99
$20.00 - $99.99
$100.00 - $199.99
$200.00 - $300.00

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