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Contract Jail Housed Offenders

Department contract jail activities are governed by county jail contract and department policy. When an offender is transferred to the care and custody of a contract county jail their OBS trust accounts, IBSA accounts, and offender obligation balances will be maintained by the contract jail’s host facility. Any funds permitted to offenders by the county jail provider, pursuant to the contractor’s policy and procedures, will be transferred to the contract county jail through the use of an OBS disbursement upon proper authorization by the offender.

Institution Incentive Pay Program and Work Assignment Area
Host facilities are responsible for the payment of institution incentive pay (gang pay) to all contract county jail held offenders in accordance with OP-060107 “Systems of Incarceration.” Exceptions to the payment of gang pay to contract county jail housed inmates must be by contract and/or specifically approved by the Associate Director of Field Operations. Gang-pay will be credited by OBS through the overnight system process at the end of each month to all eligible offenders based upon the information reflected on the Offender’s Account Maintenance screen. It is imperative host facility Trust Fund Officer validate offender jail gang-pay information using the “Offender Work Assignment Report” for all contract jail housed offenders no later than the day before the last day of each month.

OBS gang pay posting is based on the offender’s OMS level status at the end of the month and any pay exception/exemption information recorded on the OBS Offender Maintenance screen. If an offender is discharged prior to month end, gang pay will not be paid to the offender by the system. If an offender changes level during the month the pay rate utilized in OBS for that month’s pay calculation will be the level rate of the offender as the recorded in OMS at end of the month – regardless of effective OMS level change date.

Billing Contract Jails for Gang Payroll Cost
Offender payroll funds are included in the per diem payment to the contract county jail (section 6.1, paragraph D of the standard county jail contract) with the one exception of the Oklahoma County Sheriff Contract. Host facilities, on the OBS Offender Maintenance screen, will select a work assignment area of “XXXX County Jail” with XXXX representing the county’s name or the appropriate OBS work assignment area. Using information received from the OBS Gang Pay Posted report, host facilities (except OCRS) are to invoice the contract county jail for the cost of the OBS gang payroll payment. Facilities, upon receipt of payment from the county jail, will deposit the money into the department’s clearing account. Host facilities are responsible for accurate billing and accounting of this account receivable.

Outside Source Income - Contract Jail Held Offenders
All offender income from an outside source is to be first deposited into the offender’s OBS account, and per working agreement with the contract jail, disbursed to the contract jail managed trust account. The reason for the initial OBS deposit and subsequent disbursement is to ensure all appropriate system auto-deduction rules are enforced and appropriate offender obligations paid.

Offender Obligations – Contract Jail Held Offenders
Host facilities are responsible for recording and accounting for offender trust account obligations while held in a contract county jail. It is for this reason that all income to the offender must first go through the OBS system’s auto-deduction process prior to being disbursed to any subsequent county jail managed trust account.

Canteen Services – Contract Jail Held Offenders
Canteen services to contract jail held offenders are solely governed by the county jail’s contract with the department and host facility’s operating agreement with the local contract jail provider. Some counties allow offenders to purchase canteen items directly from the host facility’s canteen on a defined delivery schedule. Other counties require contract jail housed offenders to purchase canteen items solely from the contract jail’s commissary. When counties require the offender to purchase solely from their own canteen system, they are by contract, to provide comparable commissary goods and prices to those provided by the department to other incarcerates.