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Clara Waters Community Corrections Center

Clara Waters Community Corrections Center

Facility Overview

The Clara Waters Community Corrections Center, originally known as the Clara Waters Community Treatment Center (CWCTC), is located on I-35 in northeast Oklahoma City. 

The center functions as a multi-faceted facility with components to address the need for additional security beds, work release, and substance abuse treatment programs. It also includes Public Works Program crews to assist local communities, Life Skills and Reentry Transition services, staff or volunteer sponsored trips to religious services, events and educational programs.

CWCTC was opened in March 1978 as an all-female facility, becoming a co-ed facility in September 1983 and remaining that way for almost ten years. In 1992, all of the females at CWCTC were moved in a single day, to swap facilities with all of the males at the Kate Barnard Community Treatment Center (KBCTC). CWCTC became an all-male facility with KBCTC becoming an all-female facility. On May 9, 2003, the facility was severely damaged by a tornado, forcing relocation of the inmate population. The facility was rebuilt and in July 2008, inmates began occupying the dormitories.

Contacting Inmates


Days and Hours 

9:00a.m.– 1:00p.m.
Last names beginning with letters “A” thru “M” 

9:00a.m.– 1:00p.m.
Last names beginning with letters “N” thru “Z”

Holiday Visits

State recognized holidays between Monday and Friday. 

Last names beginning with letters “A” thru “M” 9:00a.m.– 12:00p.m.
Last names beginning with letters “N” thru “Z” 1:00p.m.– 4:00p.m. 

CWCCC Inmate Orientation Handbook

  • Read the included attachments regarding your visitors:
    -Approved dress code
    -Identification requirements for your visitors
    -Items authorized in the visiting area
    -Special rules for children 

Special Visits

Any request to visit other than your assigned times is a special visit. These visits can only be approved by the Chief of Security. According to OC-030118-01 entitled visitation a special visit include visits from persons who have traveled long distances and visits between clergy or social service agency representatives.

Affiliate Centers

Carver Transitional Center
Male: 300
400 S. May
OK City, OK 73108
Phone (405) 232-8233
Fax (405) 604-9588
Elizabeth Stewart, Administrator
Host Facility: Clara Waters Community Corrections Center

Catalyst Behavioral Services - Enid
Female: 110
1824 South Van Buren Street
Enid, OK 73703
Phone (580) 540-8965
Fax (580) 540-8966  
Mike Fleetwood, Program Director
Host Facility: Clara Waters CCC

OK Halfway House
Male: 75
517 SW 2nd Street
Oklahoma City, OK 73109
Phone (405) 232-0231
Fax (405) 232-0270
Kelli Ude, Administrator
Host Facility: Clara Waters Community Corrections Center