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Offenders hauling hay at William Key Correctional Center


The Agri-Services Division of the Department of Corrections plays a vital role in enabling inmates to learn valuable job skills and work ethics that they can benefit from upon release. On average, 375 inmates work at the Agri-Services ten farms, Meat Processing Center and Food Processing Plant. Collectively, the farm operations encompass approximately 23,200 acres where cattle production, farm management and land management skills are taught.  

Currently an annual average of 3,400 head of cattle is maintained for beef production, 495 head of dairy cows for milk production and grass hay, alfalfa hay and other small grains are produced to supplement the winter feeding of cattle.

In addition, Agri-Services harvests an average of over 950,000 pounds of various varieties of fresh vegetables at four different locations for inmate consumption.  Agri-Services also purchases bulk food items utilizing their Opportunity Buy Program.  These two programs combined result in millions of dollars per year in savings for the Department of Corrections.


Brad Bailey, Director of Agri Services
Brad Bailey

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